Movement Games

Movement Games is a curated library and free tool for finding and sharing movement games, drills, and activities. Movement and fitness should be fun; and we want to help coaches, teachers, and students worldwide find new and interesting ways to train and teach.

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Caitlin Pontrella is the Executive Director of Parkour Visions, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring everyone has a path to lifelong recreation and community through parkour! She also is director of Womens Parkour Movement, a womens empowerment and leadership development organization, and Chair of the Board for the Art of Retreat, an annual leadership and research conference.

Curators Note:

Play is powerful. 

Before we even learned how to speak, we were playing–learning about ourselves and the world through games and exploration.  Play is the ultimate proto-language of the human race, and remains important not only through childhood, but into our teenage and adult years.

This playbook, this library is a tool for teachers, coaches, practitioners, and students. It hopefully will open your eyes to new, innovating, and engaging ways to train your body and mind. It is made by the community, and sustained by the community.

The playbook was originally conceived in 2012 after a partnership project with Quest to Learn and the Institute of Play, which were two groups that utilized gaming as an integral part of their teaching and education pedagogy. It was an incredibly formative experience, and really solidified by belief in the power of games as a tool for human learning.

Every submission in this library is reviewed for content quality, and then either merged into an existing game as a variant or published as a new submission. Though turn over takes time, I strongly encourage everyone to submit their games, drills, and exercises–regardless of whether you are a teacher or a student or just a casual practitioner. If its playful and works for you, it probably will for someone else!

There are several members of the community that deserve particular note in the development of this platform:

  • Ed Akselrud, a web designer based in NYC, for his continued hard work on this beautiful website.
  • Brendon Trombley, a game designer based in NYC, for his education, insights, and guidance in game design and theory, as well as his collaboration on numerous game-design movement projects.
  • Jesse Danger and Nikkie Zanevsky, co-founders of The Movement Creative and movement coaches, for all their development and work on refining games for movement; for creating and testing new games, and developing physical education programming that integrates games.
  • Evan Beyer, a parkour coach with Parkour Generations Americas, for inspiring the creative name ‘the movement playbook!’
  • Julie Angel, Steve Zavitz, Francis Leblanc, Anya Chibis, and Andy Keller for their high quality photography.

– Caitlin