A playful game to help players with progressing their power and personal understanding in jumping!

Players will take turns jumping across the gap of a ‘river’ (two diverging lines drawn on the ground) that they themselves get to design.  If a jump is missed, students must ‘swim’ back downstream and attempt to ascend again as far as possible.

This came is multi-level friendly.


Travel down the river as far as you, crossing as often as possible.

Setting up

Space: Hardtop that you can use chalk on.

Equipment: Chalk


  1. Draw two lines that slowly diverge
  2. Line players up on end that is closest together

How to Play

One at a time jump across the river

If you successfully clear the bank of the other side of the river, you may take one step upstream

If you fall into the river (fail to make the jump), you must swim (quadrupedal of your choice) all the way back down to the start.

End Game

The game ends either when time runs out or you have reached the end of the river (aka, never).


  1. Use different movements to cross the river. Examples:
    1. Quadrupedal
    2. Cartwheels
    3. Diverolling
  2. Add ‘Stones’ for larger distances–drawn circles where you can place your hands or feet ‘in’ the river area.  This allows you to explore striding, consecutive jumping, and more!