Explore a variety of ground movements and techniques while improving your proprioception by avoiding others!

The set up is to have a boundary in which everyone is moving and flowing. The goal is to move around without touching anyone, utilizing a variety of groundwork movements including rolling, low cartwheels, and QM variations. This promotes proprioception and kinesthetic awareness as well as control. If you touch someone while moving you are out. You can be victorious by either being the last one in the area or surviving until the designated time limit is up.


Game can be played in a mixed level class!
Excellent for Warming up and Cooling down.


Continually move around while avoiding others

Setting up


8+ of Players
Ages 8+


Both empty/open spaces and densely populated spaces can be used.  The smaller the space the greater the difficulty.


None needed.


  1. Set the boundaries that everyone must move within
  2. Have everyone get into the designated space and crouch

How to Play

  • On GO, players move around in any form of Quadrupedal or ground maneuver as they wish
  • If players touch, they are both out.

End Game

Either last man standing or when time runs out!

Variations & Notes

Instructors can stretch this game to span a larger amount of time.  Each round you can limit what movements can or can not be explored/used each time.  For example, you can tell students they must roll (every other time, at least 4 times, etc) or that they have to have 3 points of contact, or should try to get two feet off the ground as often as possible.

Focus on safety; if playing with kids and they start to get too rowdy, either refocus the group with a challenge that gives less agency, or switch to a new activity!