Play catch with a partner while testing your balance

Throwing is considered an essential human movement, as is balance.  In this game we mix both to create a low-stakes, multi-task game that is both difficult and fun.  Two players will balance on a rail or thin surface at any distance apart and play catch.  Players can set penalties or dropping or falling.  Variations on body position, and allowance for movement, can increase difficulty over iterations.

This game is an excellent opportunity to explore dual focuses in activity.  Players will have their attention split intrinsic and extrinsic forces; their own attempts to balance and the ball coming at their face.  Being able to focus on multiple variables during movement is critical to operating in a busy environment.

This game is most fun when both players have roughly the same ability in regards to balancing/catching, but mixed level classes can still use this game and have a lot of fun irregardless.


Complete X number of catches without falling off.

Setting up


2 Players, Partner Game
Ages 6+


Need space enough where soft balls can fly through air & miss without injury, where multiple people can fall/be off balance.


  • 1 ball (or some object that you can throw/catch safely)  The smaller the more difficult.
  • OPTIONAL : 2 Balance trainers — otherwise, you just need two places to balance

Basic Game Set-up

  1. Two players face each other on rails/balance points no less than 3’ apart
  2. One player has the ball
  3. Players put one foot on the bar & one on the ground

How to Play

  1. On GO, players put their second foot on the railing/balance point & the game commences
  2. Players throw the ball back and forth, keeping count
  3. If you touch the ground, you restart the entire count
  4. After X successful catches, move farther apart/change positions or locations.

End Game

Either Time runs out, or last group alive.


Variation 1 : Penalty Clause!

Penalties can apply for dropping or falling that should be shared by both players. This is an easy way to incorporate some strength & conditioning training into an otherwise lighthearted activity.