A fun twist on an old classic, bringing Balance to Simon Says!

Balance Simon Says is a twist on the classic school yard game, Simon Says.  Students will strive to keep up with the instructor as instructions are spouted out quicker and quicker over the course of the game.  Students are forced to think quick and move precisely if they are going to survive!

This game is excellent for an active cooldown activity, and is suitable for all ages and skill levels.


Try to keep up with all of Simons challenges!

Setting up


3+ Players
All ages


If indoors, balance trainers (large flat wood for beginners, rail or pipe for experienced).

If outdoors, railing, fencing. We find that curbs tend to be too easy of a challenge.

Set-up – For INDOORS games

  • One player is assigned the role of Simon
  • Each player recieves their own balance trainer
  • Players should form a circle and place their trainer at their feet
  • Every player should place one foot on the trainer and one foot on the ground.

How to Play

On GO, players will put both feet on to their balance trainer and Simon will begin giving instructions.

  • Simon will say AND do one balance challenge at a time
  • Players should attempt to execute every order
  • Players should try not to touch the ground unless instructed
  • Players are not eliminated unless explicitly indicated by Simon.

Instructors may choose to eliminate the need to say ‘simon says’, and instead just make every order required.

End Game

The game can be competitive or non-competitive.

If non-competitive, Simon can go until satisfied (3-5 minutes)

If competitive, Simon can initiate a series of elimination games.  If you touch the ground, you are eliminated. Last man standing wins.

Variations & Tips

Tip 01 – It is not important to say Simon Says

Skip the Simon Says and go straight to giving orders.  This creates a simpler game for players to follow along, especially when they are beginners struggling to focus on their balance.

Tip 02 – Don’t worry about misses

Encourage students to get right back on and keep trying, especially in non-competitive games.  The focus of this game is to force players into making quick, jerky movements while retaining their balance (not to be the best!)

Tip 03 – Go faster!

As the game goes on, don’t be afraid to give out orders faster!  PLayers will have a lot of fun trying to keep up, even if it results in their falling off!


Challenge Ideas

  • Squat and touch the rail
  • 180
  • 360
  • Balance only on one foot, on the other
  • Balance perpendicular
  • Balance paralell
  • Move to the next trainer (if in a circle)
  • Pistol
  • Touch your nose
  • Give your partner a high five
  • Touch the ground
  • Touch your foot