Test your balance skills against this tricky course!

Balance Touch is a light and approachable introductory game to the variety of ways in which balance can be explored.  Players will be able to explore their balance abilities through a wide range of movements and body positions.  This game is suitable for all ages and skill levels, and can be easily set up and managed in festivals and events.


Touch all the markers along the path without losing your balance!

Setting up


1+ Players
Ages 4+


  • 5-10 Balance Trainers (or a place to balance along)
  • A couple of Markers (wood blocks, cups, bandanas, etc)


  • Lay out the balance trainers in a long line (the ‘path’).  Gaps between are OK, and encouraged for more advanced students.
  • Along the path, on either side, place Markers down on the ground at varying lengths away
  • No Marker should be more than arms length away.

How to Play

On GO, players walk down the line of trainers one at a time and attempt to touch all of the markers without falling off.

  • Players may use any part of their body to touch the markers
  • Players may use any part of their body to move along the path
  • Players should not knock over or move any of the markers.
  • If a player falls, s/he should get back on one foot infront of where s/he fell.

Each time a player makes it successfully through the line, the Instructor may change the method of completing the course.

  • Forward facing balance
  • Backwards facing balance
  • Hands behind the back
  • Sidewards facing balance
  • You can only touch with your right hand/foot/etc
  • ????

End Game

Game ends when you have successfully made it through the course touching all blocks

Variations & Tips

Variation 1 – Continual Adjustment

At the end of each fully pass, give players the opportunity to move one or two blocks to new locations.