Unbalance your opponent by pushing, pulling, and deception!

Balance Tug-o-War, otherwise also known as Balance Joust, is a classic partner-balance game that sets two players against one another in a short but epic balance battle!  It engages not only the body, but the mind, as players have to read their opponent in order to make smart decisions and quick reactions and come out victorious!  Players can be partnered up with players of any other level.

Because this game can get a little aggressive if left unchecked, we advise all instructors not only remain constantly vigilant, but also remind students to keep their energy in check!  We recommend this game for ages 7+, but younger students can play this game at the discretion, and under the supervision, of their instructor.


Stay on your balance beam longer than your opponent!

Setting up


2 Players, Partner Game
Age 6+


Open space a minimum of 4 feet in all directions around the players.


  • 2 Balance Trainers / Beams
    One 4′-0″ stick or  length of PVC Pipe

(Alternative equipment in variations)


  • Place the two trainers approximately 3′-0″ apart
  • Each player should stand behind a different trainer, loosely holding one end of the stick
  • Players should place one foot on the trainer and one foot on the ground.

How to Play

On GO, players will put their second foot on the balance trainer and commence the game.

  • Players can push and pull on the stick to unbalance their partner
  • Players can not move their hands on the stick once the game starts
  • Players can not touch the other person
  • Players can not touch the ground

End Game

A single game ends when one players is unbalanced and touches the ground.  We recommend the best of 5!

Safety Consideration

Impact Injury – If the balance trainers are too far away from one another, there is a chance that players can get jabbed by the ends of the PVC. This can be easily avoided if trainers are placed close enough together and students made aware of the risk.


Variation 1 – Chains & Ropes

Instead of PVC, substitute in a plastic chain or rope.  This changes the game a bit in that you can no longer push your partner, only pull.  It is also safer than the regular game since students can not prod one another.