Mix music and movement in this game of blind tag!

In Beacon, blindfolded students are challenged to use their sense of hearing in order to locate and tag a moving, musical Beacon (the person who is ‘it’!). ┬áThe game works to improve proprioception, balance, control, and awareness of the body by eliminating the major dominating sense of sight!

We recommend playing this game with ages 6+, all skill levels welcome.


Tag the Beacon!

Setting up


4+ Players
Ages 7+


An open space is recommended for beginners or first-time players of Beacon

Incorporating obstacles, bars, or working inside a dense space can be exciting for intermediate and advanced students!


  • A Beacon – Either use a portable speaker or the person who is ‘IT’ must sing for us all!
  • 1 Blindfold per person


  • One person is selected as the Beacon.
  • Everyone goes to different areas in the space and is blindfolded
  • The Beacon positions themselves wherever they wish in the space (quietly!)

How to Play

On GO, the Beacon turns on the music (or starts singing) and everyone else may begin moving.

  • Players should try to avoid bumping into other people
  • Players should not tackle the Beacon (resist!)

End Game

The game ends either when the song is over (3 minutes) or when the Beacon is caught!