This game takes the Ground is Lava to the next level, adding the aspect of teamwork and problemsolving.


Find your way to the ship without falling into the water.

Setting Up

Suitable for all levels
but most fun when played with intermediate/advanced players.

How to Play

Players are pirates (YARRRR) aboard a pirate ship
Pirate ships are any obstacles that can fit all players off of the ground.

One player per round is chosen as Captain.
S/he can run on water and choose a new “Pirate Ship” (where more treasure is).
Again, Pirate Ships must be able to fit all players off the ground.

Once the Captain has chosen the new Pirate Ship, he/she stands on it for the entire round
Everyone else must find a way to get to that island without touching the ground.

Once everyone makes it to the island (teamwork welcomed!) a new Captain is chosen (usually the first player to the ship last round) and the game repeats.

Variation – Three rules

One way to make it interesting is to have the player choosing the base also choose a rule that players must follow to get there. Each round, a new rule is added. At the fourth round, the new rule replaces the first rule so that each following round will always have three rules.