Lead a group through an improvised line of movements!

One of the ultimate games for improvision and creative thinking, Follow the Leader is a chance for individual students to challenge the class. While a true childhood classic, this game is great for adults and teens as well.  By incorporating movement requirements and rules, Follow the Leader can go from a simple warm up game to a difficult conditioning exercise to a study of technique.



Follow the leader as accurately as possible.

Setting up


3+ People
Age 5+


Any space can be used.  If you have an open field, you can focus on ground maneuvers.


None required.


Choose a ‘leader’
Line everyone else up behind the leader.

How to Play

The leader creates a path of movements and everyone follows that path exactly.

The path should be accessible to everyone.

The leader can change.

End Game

The game can end when:

  1. Time runs out
  2. A certain number of movements have been made
  3. The player has returned to the ‘start’ point
  4. or Any other ‘end’ condition that the instructor specifies


Variation Ideas include:

  • Vary levels of strictness (do players need to precisely execute the same movement or can they simply follow their path and figure out their own way through?)
  • Include rules – Can players touch the ground? Can they use their right hand? Can they jump?
  • Require movements – If running a class where you are going to be exploring a specific technique, require the leader to use that technique at least once!