A dynamic jumping game that helps build quick-fire response time, agility, and laughter between players!

Pretty Darn Quick is a classic parkour game that requires deduction, quick-fire reaction times, and agility.  Players battle against one another through a fun and quick game of jumping, bluffing, and laughter.

This game is extremely simple: with the primary movement being only jumping. It is perfect any group, event, or space, as well as all ages and skill levels. It also is a great ice breaker as it requires no prior movement experience or equipment.

Stop stepping on my feet!


Be the last one standing by eliminating all the other players by jumping on their feet!

Setting up


4-12 Players – We recommend groups no bigger than 12, and as players are eliminated they can branch off and start a new game on the side.
All ages

Space & Equipment

Open space, no equipment is perfect for the base game.

Add obstacles for the more advanced!

How to Play


  • All players circle up and puts a fist into the center
  • A random person (leader) assigns a number to each person, starting at 1 and going around the circle in order


A player can only move your feet when the active player is in the air

A player only gets one jump per turn

A player can be eliminated by two ways: (1) having their foot stepped on or (2) moving their feet during a feint

A player can be eliminated on their turn if another player reacts fast enough to step on their feet!

Starting a Game

Once everyone has been assigned a number (which happens at the start of each round), everyone shouts “One, two, three, PDQ!”.  As they say ‘PDQ’, everyone takes ONE big jump away from the center.

  • The player assigned #1 goes first (the active player) and has 20 seconds to complete a jump, and is allowed to feint/fake move in an attempt to eliminate a player
  • If any other player moves their feet in response to a fake/feint, they are eliminated
  • All other players are also allowed to jump when the active player is in the air

Continue in number order (1 is first, 2 is second, etc) until all players but 1 are eliminated.

Last one remaining wins!

Example Game

Example Game: John, Sue, Peggy, and Roger are playing PDQ. John is player #1, Sue is player #2, Peggy is player #3, and Roger is player #4.

Round #1: John jumps into the air and lands on Roger’s left foot. Roger is out. Sue and Peggy both jump away from John.

Round #2: Sue jumps towards John, but John jumps towards Peggy and lands on her feet. Peggy is out.

Round #3: John feints, but Sue doesn’t fall for it. John then jumps, but Sue jumps straight up and lands on John’s feet. John is out. Sue wins the game.



This Is How I Play #2 – PDQ