Who can gain the most ground? A strength-building, ice-breaking game using crawling and quadrupedal with partners!

QM Bulldozing is a fun, tactile partner conditioning and movement game for all ages and skill levels.  Players battle against one another to gain ground, build strength, and improve their quadrupedal movement!


Gain the most ground!

Setting up


Partners/event number (2)
Ages 10+

Space & Equipment

Open space, free from obstacles.

How to Play


Partners get down into forward quadrupedal, face to face

Partners place their arms against one another, avoiding pressure on the shoulder/clavicle by putting humerus to humerus (upper arm)

Game Play

On GO, partners QM as hard as they can against one another, trying to gain ground on their opponent.

Rounds can be played for time or for ground covered ( Draw a circle and try to get your opponent outside of the circle first! )

Round Variation

Each round you can explore different QM’s

  • Crab crawl, back to back for example
  • Two different QM’s against one another
  • Forward QM side to side (players face the same direction and push left-right, instead of head on)
  • Etc