Avoid being tagged!

Setting up


Best with 10+ people.
All ages but geared for kids


An open grass area or clean concrete space. Make sure you can move around freely!


None, just bring a positive attitude!

How to play:

Set a time limit.

Everyone, including the coach who is tagging people, MUST move in a QM fashion constantly

  • If you are tagged you need to hold downward dog pose
  • If you are free and moving your object is two-fold:
    • 1. Avoid being tagged.
    • 2. Find those who are tagged and crawl under them
  • How to Unfreeze: Those who have had someone crawl under them are free to move again

GAME ENDS: When time is up


1 person tagging per 5 people works well.

Variants include crab walking, staying silent the whole time, using teams (which team can freeze the other first?)